Expert educates on nonprofit needs at forum

Recently 150 community members came together at a Women's Fund El Dorado (WFED) event to understand more about determining and measuring community need. What they learned may be a lesson for all. Read full article here.

Music Students March to the Beat 

We feel so fortunate to fund worthy programs such as these in our community. Read full article here

Impactful Partnership Granting El Dorado Community Foundation

The 2016 and 2017 Endow El Dorado granting cycles at the Foundation resulted in the opportunity to make a major impact into the community, thanks to outreach efforts made to advisors of some of the Donor Advised Funds.  When Bill Roby, Executive Director at the Foundation made phone calls to several of these family fund advisors, he was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and generosity from them to join us in responding to the many requests for funding that we received from the nonprofits of El Dorado County. Their combined efforts in those two years injected a total of $264,905.00 into a very wide spectrum of community services and programs benefiting our diverse population sets.

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South Lake Tahoe Endowment Announces $50,000 Granting to SLT Schools and Nonprofits.

The South Lake Tahoe Endowment Cabinet celebrated their grant recipients recently at a reception held at Lake Tahoe High School.  The room filled with resounding gratitude to the El Dorado Community Foundation donors who make these grants possible.  Cabinet Chair, Wendy David, enthusiastically announced the intent of each School/Enhanced Education grant and each nonprofit grant to a chorus of resounding applause.

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El Dorado Community Foundation Celebrates 25 years!

The celebration of the El Dorado Community Foundation’s 25th
Anniversary culminated in a beautiful, formal dinner on October 8th.
Foundation fund holders, past and present board members and staff, as
well as Legacy Society members, were greeted in first class style at the
portico of the Serrano Country Club with a red carpet and a glass of
champagne. Inside, one hundred and thirty old friends exchanged hugs
and new friendships were made as the stories of the Foundation’s journey
were told throughout the evening... 

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Endow El Dorado Grants Gala

The El Dorado Community Foundation held its first Endow El Dorado Grants Gala in celebration of 25 years of effective granting. 

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2016 Proclaimed as ‘Year of Foster Youth’

Both the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors and the Placerville City Council issued and presented proclamations proclaiming 2016 as the Year of Foster Youth

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