Legacy Society

Join the ranks of El Dorado County’s most generous and forward-thinking residents as a member of the El Dorado Community Foundation Legacy Society.

Members of the Legacy Society have one thing in common: all have made a commitment to support the future of their community through an estate gift to the El Dorado Community Foundation.

Legacy Society Members

Mark & Sherri Acri
Maryann Argyres
Jim & Maureen Carter
David & Panadda Cook
Laura Dietz
Harry Dunlop Family
Joyce Amlick-Dunn
BillFuser & Lois Patrick
Clifton Gary & Teresa Mathews
Carl & Pam Hagen
Reneé Hargrove
Mike & Cathy Harris
Stephen & Gail Healy
Alice Henry
Charlotte Higgins & Irene Goleski

Ruben Jessup Family
Msgr James C. Kidder
Jeffrey & Barbara Lee
Teresa Mizuhara & Bill Smith
William & Kristine S Moore
Dr. Karen Nishimura
Donald & Kathleen Peek
Dr. Sarah Pender
Doug Rice
Bill Roby

Vern & Chris Sanders
Bill & Debbie Snodgrass
Terry & Ellen Stigall
Annemiek Storm
Jean Tindel & Anne Finck
Doug & Karen Tustin

Lori & Daryl Warden
Ernest Wolf
Milly Zappettini

Paul & Erin Zappettini
Bradley Glanville &
Kris Zappettini

They have other things in common as well. They have worked hard, saved wisely and invested well. They understand the power of endowment. And they know that the assets they leave to the community will continue to grow, supporting good works for generations to come.


Legacy Possibilities

  • Leave a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or what remains after other bequests have been satisfied.
  • You may arrange for your heirs to receive lifetime income from your estate, with the remainder going to the Foundation for charitable purposes.
  • Some of the most tax-efficient asset types to give through your will come from retirement plan accounts, since heirs would be taxed on the income.
  • Establish a fund now, enjoy giving in your lifetime and earn a full charitable deduction on estate taxes.  Then simply name your fund as one of the recipients of your estate.
  • You can change the charitable beneficiaries of your fund at any time, without having to re-do your estate documents.
  • Remember that The Foundation can be designated as a contingent beneficiary on life insurance policies and/or death benefit certificates.

Make It Simple

In a will or trust, the wording is simple:

I give and bequeath (fill in gift specification) to the El Dorado Community Foundation, a California nonprofit organization.

The purpose of this gift is (fill in your wishes to establish an endowed fund, OR simply designate an existing nonprofit).

We are to assist you in planning, preparing, and ensuring that your charitable wishes are met.  A listening ear, ideas, discussion and/or direction are what we are here for.  To make an appointment, give us a call at 530-622-5621.