Crisis Angel Network

Public Charitable Initiatives You Can Support

The El Dorado Community Foundation’s Crisis Angel Network is a community fund that uses donations to award grants to nonprofit organizations on the western slope. The Foundation sees the needs of our friends and neighbors increasing across-the-board, from the very young, to the families, to the older adults. They know that nonprofits are facing some of the most challenging times of their existence, and are honored to work with the community, partnering together to affect positive change in the lives of its own residents.We are currently engaged in assisting many families and individuals some highlights include:

  • An elderly man lacked the financial resources to fix his broken dentures. He was unable to chew and had experienced weight loss and sores in his mouth. A grant from the Crisis Angel Network to a local nonprofit allowed that organization to work with a local dentist and repair the dentures.
  • A victim of domestic violence was accepted into the women’s shelter. Having left everything she owned in her flee to safety she owned no clothing appropriate to begin a new life and a job search. The Crisis Angel Network provided the necessary funding to the Center for Violence-Free Relationships to purchase a suit to assist her in her interviews and increase her self-esteem.
  • Grandparents found themselves suddenly raising their 2 year old grandson due to their daughter’s financial and mental health limitations. The grandfather had worked for 30 years as a brick layer and lost his position. He was able to acquire a new position but the family was being stretched to meet daily needs. The Crisis Angel Network purchased a car seat that would allow for the safe transportation of their grandson and paid the court fees that would establish them as legal guardians of the 2 year old.
  • A father and mother with two children ages 7 and 8 had been living in a tent for two months. The Crisis Angel Network in partnership with Only Kindness Inc. was able to obtain permanent housing for the family by assisting them with the first month’s rent as the parents became employed.

A Note About El Dorado Community Foundation Charitable Work

The El Dorado Community Foundation’s Crisis Angel Network has donated to many other projects, families and individuals. If you would like to assist in this noble effort you can become part of the Foundation’s work by contacting us at 530-622-5621.