The Foundation

Since 1990, we have helped generous community members make the most of their charitable giving. We act as stewards for local people and organizations who entrust their gifts to our care to build a permanent endowment for our community. El Dorado Community Foundation is proud to provide flexible ways to affect the positive change our donors desire to see. The opportunities are endless!

Our Mission

The El Dorado Community Foundation is dedicated to strengthening
our community both now and for future generations.


The Foundation fulfills its mission by:

  • Encouraging private giving for the public good.
  • Building and maintaining a permanent endowment fund to respond to changing community needs.
  • Providing a flexible tax-exempt vehicle for donors with varied charitable interests and abilities to give.
  • Serving as a catalyst, convener and partner in shaping effective responses to community problems and opportunities.

EDCF 25th Anniversary Video

Our Community

El Dorado County residents, past and present, turn to the El Dorado Community Foundation to make their philanthropic giving as effective as possible.

We are a public charity serving thousands of people who share a common concern—improving the quality of life in El Dorado County.

Individuals, families, businesses and organizations create permanent charitable funds that help our region meet the challenges of changing times. The Foundation pools, invests and administers these funds. We then use the earnings to award hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants each year to many of the humanitarian, educational, and cultural organizations in this remarkable area we call home.

The Power of Community

With current assets of $14 million and 240 different funds, the El Dorado Community Foundation has returned more than $12 million to the community since it was established in 1990.